Our Philosophy

Kidz World believes in innovative teaching practice with the children's learning at the centre of all of our developments.

It is all about the children and their families. Why the families? Because without your understanding and support the partnership in care and education cannot be achieved. Why a partnership? Because in todays society, as in the past, it takes a community to bring up a child. We are all responsible to do the best for our children.

Kidz World believes in being involved in the community and promoting healthy attitudes for the whole child.

It is not enough to be focused on learning or focused on care. We have to do both to ensure we develop children who will be healthy in mind body and spirit. Being part of the community, both inside and outside of Kidz World fences, is to ensure we are offering all the benefits of our environment.

With your basket and my basket there will be plenty for all.

If we work together we can achieve so much more than if we go our own way.  We will work as a team of dedicated teachers, staff and management supporting each other.

It is important that we have a ‘parents voice’ in the centre. This will help us to develop in partnership and therefore achieve the best for our children.

We know parents/guardians are very busy providing and caring for your families. We want to do our best to help you and support you in your quest. We want you to rest assured that while you are hard at work or study that we are caring for your little ones and that they are safe and working hard at having fun and learning. Please talk to us about your needs and how we can better support you and your children.

We recognise that you cannot always be involved in centre activities. We truly appreciate it when parents can lend a hand whether it be in bringing in plastic bags or helping organise a trip, sharing your talents or putting photos on your mahara home page. It all helps and together it makes the difference. We need your feedback to develop the centre to meet the needs of our Kidz World Community.

Children learn best when they are in an environment that supports their learning, where they feel safe and secure and have plenty of opportunity to explore their ideas and prove their theories.

Young children learn primarily by doing. They have not yet developed the ability for the more abstract tasks. Kidz World believes it is important that they have plenty of uninterrupted opportunity to explore their world. A teacher can help to extend on these experiences offering information that may not be accessible to the child otherwise. Therefore our teachers work closely with the children to support them in researching and developing their knowledge.

Children should have an individual plan that supports their learning and recognises their individual needs.

Kidz World teachers plan for each child on a six week cycle that ensures a plan is in place and is recognising the individual needs of your child. We observe the children and look for areas where we can support the child to develop.

We then discuss these needs at our bi-weekly planning meetings and develop a plan that will help your child develop their full potential. This ensures that there is a consistant effort from all teachers in your childs room knowing how your child is developing and how they can as a team support your child in this development.

It is important for parents to be informed about their childs learning and to be able to revisit that learning on a regular basis

For this reason we have developed our Mahara site for you to view at your leisure, to share with family and friends and to revisit with your child 

The Learning Journey on your childs Mahara page documents the progress of their development plan and is an easy reference for you to keep track of your childs learning..

The Learning Journey is supported by Teachers Reflections. Teachers Reflections describe more in debth descriptions of the experiences your child has had to achieve the progress shown in the Learning Journey.

Children are learning from the moment they wake up in the morning till they go to bed at night so we also include stories of other experiences your child takes part in during their centre day to keep a record for you and your child to share.

We really appreciate it when families share their time at home with us through their family page on Mahara. The children love to share their family page with their teachers and friends and it helps us to enhance their learning experiences by linking home and centre life.

There must be a balance between the natural world and modern technology.

Combining the two will give the children the opportunity to explore both worlds and gain an appreciation for the benefits offered by both mediums 

Kidz World strives to find a balance between the natural world and the modern world. We believe there is much that the children need to learn from experiencing the natural environment including natural resources.

Kidz World also believes there is much the children need to learn from modern technology. Computers and technological equipment such as digital cameras offer a whole new world for our children to explore. They are growing up in a society where this equipment is increasingly available and they will be able to take advantage of it if they are confident and conversant with it.

The care and learning offered at Kidz World Centres knows no boundaries of race, religon, gender or ability. Kidz World is for everyone who wants to join a community passionate about innovative, creative and relevant education for children, whether it is by enrolling a child of becoming a teacher.

Kidz World is for everyone who believes education should be fun, caring, non-judgemental, and available to everyone. That learning is a shared experience and a never ending life long journey. We have developed a cultural policy that is inclusive of everyone from all walks of life.

Cultural Policy of Kidz World Childcare and Learning Centre

All children and families attending Kidz World will be treated the same regardless of race, religion, cultural beliefs or family background.

We will treat every child and their family with respect and integrity.

Kidz World recognises the cultures of all children in our centres.

All children and their families from all cultures will be welcome in our centres.

We will do our best to understand the culture of any and every child in our centres and to accept the beliefs and ideas of their cultures

The cultural partnership of Aoteroa New Zealand

Kidz World is committed to promoting the partnership between Maori and NZ Europeans to become one people as New Zealanders

We will include Maori culture in our planning and endeavour to increase our knowledge of Maori language and culture as teachers in New Zealand.

Teachers will work together as one team showing respect to both cultures of Aoteroa New Zealand and embracing and respecting the cultures of all teachers.

Kidz World believes in a project based learning system. Projects follow the interests of the children and are used to teach the children to become enquirers, researchers and to document their work.

Todays society is changing and children no longer need to memorise screeds of information. We have computers and the internet to do that for us. However our children now need to be able to access that information (research), know how to ask good questions, (enquire) and document that information in a form that is able to be useful to revisit and made use of. Projects offer an interesting and stimulating method to help our children develop these abilities. They also give us opportunities to teach phonics and mathmatics, and introduce the basics for science, social science, art, music, and language arts.

Kidz World will promote healthy eating habits as specified by the Ministry of Health and promoted by the Ministry of Education.

Kidz World is committed to promoting health in general and especially in the area of healthy eating. We believe that healthy eating habbits developed as young children gives a good grounding for eating choices made in later life. Therefore we have a menu that encourages healthy choices by the children introducing a wide variety of foods. Our menu is developed on the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and promoted by the Ministry of Education.

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